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Steven Seagal Shits On Comic Book Movies


You know Steven Seagal, he’s a guy who has been in the action movie business for 30 years.  So when he talks about what makes a good action movie good and what makes a bad action movie bad, I think we’d need to sit up and pay attention!

Speaking with AICN yesterday, Chief Seagal took aim at comic book yarn Iron Man 2;

What’s changed is the business, the people, the technology, the attitudes… you know what I mean? It’s like I was saying the other day, I really do the things that people pretend to do. I really am a fully-commissioned police officer. I really do work on the border: I take a machine gun and a plate carrier, and get out there. We go on high-risk warrants, and we chase bad guys. I really do the shit people pretend to do in the movies, but that doesn’t matter one bit to anyone because they can take a huge zero of a person – and when I say “zero of a person”, I mean someone who doesn’t have the ability to do any action at all – and make them a huge action star with the technology we have today. You look at [IRON MAN 2]: you can take a girl who has no background in fighting, martial arts or anything, and just turn them into the greatest action person on earth. It’s all really different now. They don’t need someone who really did it or does it or can do it. They just need someone who looks the way they want them to look, and someone who can act – which I understand.

Sounds to me there like he’s talking about Scarlett Johansson, which would be almost hilariously accurate.  Also, Seagal celebrated Out for Justice, saying the following.  OUT FOR JUSTICE has some great action in it. Some great fight scenes, and some good acting.

Well, it’s hard to disagree!