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[Trailer] Gary Daniels In “Rumble”

A little update for fans of Gary Daniels with a new trailer for his upcoming movie “Rumble”.  The film is written by Benjamin Budd, and is currently making the rounds for the film at Cannes via  the reps at Hannibal Pictures.  Hannibal Pictures were the folks who were to helm two John McTiernan comeback movies, or at least were supposed to until quite recently.

An aging and injured former MMA champ is forced back into a deadly Mexican underground fight circuit to save is girlfriend who is kidnapped by a mysterious cartel leader and criminal mastermind. With a pimp from Los Angeles extorting him and a Cop from Mexico City on the search for the infamous criminal mastermind, Delgado, David Goran finds himself deep in trouble in Mexico. As he fights his way out, he and the Mexico City Cop finally find out who is behind the infamous Bullpen Fight Club, where fighters fight to the death to save themselves and their loved ones.