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[VIDEO] Master Seagal Shows ‘Em How It’s Done In Russia

It looks like Sensei Seagal has returned to his homeland (not Michigan or Japan, depending on when or who he is talking to), Russia, to show some folks how it’s done.  A new Aikido demonstration, it appears!  Look at the champ take on all of those assailants!

Master Seagal, a former member of the CIA but still contracted under them, is a 7th Dan in the art of Aikido.  It is unknown whether or not he used his skills against VC opponents during his stint as a Navy SEAL whilst on operation during the Vietnam War.

Some time ago Chief Seagal dismissed martial artist Michael Jai White as somewhat of a joke and not a real fighter, as well as Dolph Lundgren (full contact champion) and Liam Neeson (amateur boxing champion) getting similar denouncements.  The video above is proof that the man knows his stuff.