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What We Want From Fury Road On Blu-Ray


Mad Max: Fury Road is still out there in cinema land.  And if you haven’t seen it yet, we definitely recommend that you check it out.  It could well be manliest movie of 2015, hell it basically is.  Now though we await the Blu-Ray release for this movie, which in a sense has been thirty years in the making.  So since the wait has been so long and the movie itself has been so good, our expectations are high for the home media release.  Here is what we would suggest including for this movie.

Extended cut

The movie itself runs for around two hours in theaters.  But apparently a much longer cut of the movie exists, three hours or more.  In fact hundreds of hours were shot for the movie – albeit most of that from alternate angles.  George Miller has said the he is personally satisfied as director with the cut that we have all seen, which is understandable.  And to be honest, an extended cut isn’t needed.  But for the sake of gratuity, I’d like to see it anyway.  Give us the ultimate cut, kind of like Ridley Scott did for Gladiator, where he said it wasn’t necessary, but all the same, many people wanted the extended run of that movie for home theatre.

Superior 3D

I caught this movie in 3D and, to be honest was not too impressed with it.  A post conversion job, I’d recommend seeing this film in 2D.  I’m not sure to what extent this would be possible but I’d hope that the 3D version of this movie would be superior on home release.  Sometimes, improvements can’t be appreciated.  For instance World War Z 3D was probably the worst 3D experience I’ve had at the big screen, but the home release was noticeably better.  I’d put that down to watching it in 1080p. Passive glasses, especially on a cinema screen, are in my opinion inferior to active glasses, which could be why many people hate 3D.  But if it’s done right on Blu-Ray and being watched on active (1080p) as opposed to passive (720p or less), the result can be astounding.

Extras blowout

This movie was literally thirty years in the making.  It was on and off again multiple times through the decades, in the 1990s, the 2000s and so forth.  That means it has a long history.  So what we want and need is a thorough media documentation of that history.  Good documentaries and insight.  None of this crap where a trailer and some YouTube-sized clips are thrown in.  The movie for example also has some serious vehicular hardware in there.  We want a feature on that, at least one.  Hell, a feature solely dedicated tot he black-on-black V8 Interceptor, which itself has a long history.

We’d also like to see something celebrating the art of old school practical action and stunt work.  Don’t get lazy on this one, Warner Bros.

Mel Gibson

Yes, the GOAT was not in the movie and those rumours of a cameo turned out to be bogus.  But man, would it not be remiss to not have Mel Gibson in the studio, when you are making these in-depth documentaries?  Besides Miller, who else could offer better insight for this franchise than Mel Gibson?  These types of things usually put actors, producers and such in the chair and have them talk their way through whatever it is that is being discussed.  They have to get Mel Gibson for this.  And hopefully it will happen.  Mel showed up at the premiere for Fury Road, to George Miller’s obvious delight, and gave his friend Tom Hardy a hearty man-hug.

Get Gibson on the line!