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World War Z Sequel Gets Release Date


There’s more zombie orientated news to post here today.  A sequel to 2013’s “World War Z” didn’t always seem like a sure lock, but now it seems that it is.  Paramount/Viacom Inc. has announced that they are slotting World War Z 2  on June 9th, 2017.

Unless I’m mistaken that means that this movie will go against a Marvel movie, “The Fantastic Four 2”.

For all the controversy over reshoots, set troubles and an over reliance on CGI, I personally enjoyed World War Z and would recommend it.  Not as a classic or anything but it’s a pretty decent zombie thriller, I loved the soundtrack in particular.

Mind you, Paramount also “locked” Beverly Hills Cop 4 for a March 2016 release and, well that’s no longer the case.