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Could Suicide Squad Be A Manly Movie?

Comic book movies aren’t covered much here on the site, basically because most of them don’t follow our niche.  That doesn’t mean that, like some haters wrongly accuse us of, we shit on every comic book movie ever made.  There are some manly comic book movies and there are even some quality family targeted comic book movies.

Anyway, David Ayer, director of one of the best movies of 2014, is helming Suicide Squad.  And it’s starting to give off vibes that aren’t really in line with the typical contemporary polished CGI feel gooders.  There’s even talk of it being rated R.

Heroic Hollywood has an interesting bit of news from inside the Warners camp. While Batman v Superman (expected to pull a PG-13 rating) will follow the traditional path of superhero films with toy and product merchandising aimed at kids (everything from Mattel action figures to LEGOs to converse shoes are mentioned), Suicide Squad will instead work to reach out to adult fans and possibly buck that trend.

When I first caught the above picture of the cast lineup on a large gaming forum, I noticed there was an immediate bitching session that the whole thing looked too grimy and ‘cheap’.  But what they really meant was that they were upset that the picture didn’t look like a Power Rangers lineup.  Some people are accustomed to noisy, bloated airheaded toy movies and don’t like ‘From the Sewers of Gotham..!’ type presentations.  I like the fact that few of the people in that shot are smiling, it’s good to see Will Smith in a comic book movie looking mean.

I don’t really know much about comic books, so Suicide Squad is completely alien to me – the only guy I recognise up there is Killer Croc.  However, this could be one to keep an eye on.