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EXCLUSIVE: Blood Father Getting Theatrical Release


Things have been kind of silent on Mel Gibson’s upcoming thriller Blood Father.  Given that Mel is the target of shit and hatred even to this day, it was kind of worrying and some thought that the movie was unofficially blacklisted and doomed to suffer some type of under the radar DTV release.

Good news came to ManlyMovie over the weekend though.  The movie is aimed for a late 2015 release and the plan as of right now is to put the movie on screens theatrically, with the SND Group releasing the movie in France and LionsGate handling business in North America.

Although the movie is not yet finished, in France, placards and cardboard standouts are already appearing in cinemas.

Blood Father has been directed by Jean-François Richet (Mesrine) and written by Peter Craig (The Town, Top Gun 2 ).  Further information can be revealed that Mel will play not only an ex-con but an ex-biker gang member, who must protect his daughter from criminal elements.

We’ll have more on Blood Father in a few months.