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George Miller Explains Why Mel Isn’t Back As Max


Mel Gibson obviously was not in Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller thinks it would have been difficult to cast Mel Gibson in ‘Mad Max’ sequels because he’d look out of place.

The 70-year-old director watched the premiere of his new movie alongside the 59-year-old actor – who was the original ‘Mad Max’ in 1979 – in Los Angeles, but he doesn’t think Mel will reappear in the movie franchise.  Asked if he was to feature in the sequels, George said: “We watched ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ premiere together in LA. Mel said that it is an amazing film.

“However, [having] Mel star in the sequels is like Sean Connery star in Daniel Craig’s James Bond film. It might be out of place. It would be difficult.”

Mel himself said over 12 years ago that he didn’t want to play Max with ‘too many lines on the forehead’ or appearing in the movie as old and ‘fat max’.  So, it’s all good I suppose.