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It’s RoboCop 2’s 25th Anniversary


If you can believe it, it’s not 25 years since RoboCop 2 first hit the big screen.

Despite being a sequel to one of the best sci-fi actioners of all time and despite being mired in troubles – Nancy Allen said she hated every minute of the shoot – the movie still managed to present itself as a fairly decent sequel, all things considered.  Like Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the second movie in the series would be the last good outing.

You could say that the film was somewhat of a bomb, grossing only $45 million in the United States from a $35 million budget.  RoboCop 2 came in 1990, a year boasting possibly the best action sequel lineup of all time, with Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Another 48 Hrs, The Godfather 3, Predator 2 and others.

It’s a pity we didn’t get the workprint version of RoboCop 2, but all things considered, with the crap they give us these days, I think we should be thankful.