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[AUDIO] Lance Henriksen Talks Alien3

alien3bishop2There seems to have always been a split in the camp with Alien3, mostly anyway.  People either seem to love it or hate it.  Anyway, the film has been discussed at length recently with those involved in the movie with an extended podcast conducted by The Projection Booth.

“We talked to Vincent Ward who brought the idea of “monks in space” to the game and the late John Fasano who worked on a few drafts of the Alien 3 script. We also spoke with actors Lance Henriksen and Holt McCallany about what it was like to be on the set. And, we’re joined by Mark Verheiden who wrote the incredible Dark Horse comics Alien series.”

At three hours and fifteen minutes, it’s quite comprehensive and should be interesting for fans of the series and in particular Alien3, with its long and troubled development.  The podcast by be downloaded here.