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Hulk Hogan Removed From Kill Hasselhoff (2015)

hoganexpendables4After Hulk Hogan’s recent indiscretions, he found himself fired from WWE and his merchandise removed, all references pulled etc.  One thing that scandal has brought to light however is, probably more importantly, the existence of a potentially great movie.

Hogan has also been removed from an upcoming movie, titled Kill Hasselhoff.  His scenes were shot and appeared at the start of the movie.  Those  scenes will no longer show up, they will either be edited out, re-shot with someone else or both.  It’s a WWE studios film, which probably explains why.

Most interesting though is the premise for this movie.  ‘A man tries to win a celebrity death pool by hiring a hit man to kill David Hasselhoff.’  That sounds like it has the tools to be funny as hell.  The film has been directed by Darren Grant and will actually star David Hasselhoff.

There’s still one thing I don’t get about the Hulk Hogan scandal though.  Why would a man (‘Bubba the Love Sponge’) be okay with another man sleeping wife his wife?  And why would he then record it secretly from a closet?!  I know wife sharing is a carny thing and wrestlers do it, but this is just weird.