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John Cena In Odd R-Rated Comedy Role

cenatrainwreckAn update has been piped down to us here regarding another venture by John Cena into the movie world.  I’m not sure if this is 100% relevant to out material here, but his latest role will be in the R-rated comedy Train Wreck. For that role, Cena will play a love interest for a woman going through relationship woes.

Below is a video promoting Cena’s role in the movie.  Cena is ab libbing against a back row heckler at the cinema.  Train Wreck is in theatres this Friday.  It’s odd, because this is another move by WWE where they push wrestlers (they don’t even call them wrestlers anymore) as children’s icons on their shows, to the point where people literally get up and walk out.

Yet at the movies they appear in features that are violent and feature strong sexual content (like this one).  It’s kind of the opposite of the 1980’s, where Vince McMahon flat out refused to let Jesse Ventura appear in a movie like Predator.  Ventura, of course, quit.