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Kevin Bacon Wants To Do Another Tremors Movie

tremors5kevinbaconWe know that Tremors 5: Bloodlines is coming this October to DTV/VOD.  It will star Michael Gross, returning once again to the franchise.  Another actor that had returned in a sequel was manly man Fred Ward.  One actor though who did not return to the series at all was Kevin Bacon.

At the Fantasia Film Festival screening of his new film Cop Car this week, Bacon was asked by a fan whether or not he’d return to the Tremors series.  “That’s the one I’d like to come back to and see where he is after 25 years”, Fangoria quoted Bacon as saying.

There has been more rumbling in the soil than usual this year with Tremors.  There is the fifth movie, the original movie had another Blu-Ray release (and it was a terrible release) and now this.

If there’s going to be a new Tremors movie with Kevin Bacon, there needs to be three additional things.  1) The Elephant Gun. 2) Fred Ward and 3) Ward and Bacon’s 1963 Jeep Gladiator, one of the top ten manliest pick up trucks ever!