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Positive Test Screenings For Mission: Impossible 5


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, AKA Mission: Impossible 5, had some test screenings recently.  Word is that those test screenings were highly positive and that they are already laying the groundwork for a sixth movie.

Speaking with Collider, Skydance COO Dana Goldberg expressed great enthusiasm for their tentpole:

“It’s a phenomenal movie and I think I’m officially allowed to say that we tested even higher than ‘Ghost Protocol.’ There’s not a lot of times in your life, you dream about them, but those moments you go to a preview screening and everybody’s there, your director, your star, the studio, you sit there and from the second the movie starts, you’re just like ‘oh, this feels really, really good’. It feels that way from top to bottom, and then they walk in and they tell you what the audience thought and it felt even better to the audience than it did to you, and that’s how we felt in Arizona a couple weeks ago.”

So this looks like it’s going to be a good movie.  A manly movie.  And you know what?  It’ll probably be PG-13, so no, we don’t only praise R-rated action movies as some bitter fanboys like to say day in, day out to anyone who’ll listen.