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Tank Movie ‘Panzer 88’ Still Rolling Forward

panzer88trailerA few years ago we heard of a supernatural World War 2 thriller that was in the pipeline, almost in vein of Michael Mann’s The Keep.  The film was (and is) titled Panzer 88.  It was set to be directed by Peter Briggs.  The film would follow a German tank crew on the Eastern Front during the latter days of WW2 as a supernatural entity gives them grief.

For a long time things have been sort of silent on the movie, leading me to think that things were DOA.  Not so!  The Official Facebook Page has given the following update;

Hi, guys.

It’s been a long time since an update. It’s the usual frustrating dance for financiers. I’ve personally brought two Canadian “finders” onto the project in the past month or so. We’re waiting on news from another Stateside sourcer. I spoke to a potential lead with possible multiple leads in the U.S. on Friday.

Carnaby continue to explore avenues also.

It’s an exhausting process, guys.

More as it happens.

So while not major news it is good to hear that the film is still alive and kicking.  War nerd alert!  The concept art for this film is interesting.  It features a Panzer VII, also known as the King Tiger or Tiger II and the most lethal tank of WW2.  It has ad-hoc modifications usually seen on the Panzer IV, such as spaced armour.  Very rare and obviously it’s only artwork, but I’ve never seen a Tiger II kitted out like that.  They’ll almost certainly have to use another tank anyway, I believe the French are in posession of the only remaining operational Tiger II and I doubt they’ll loan it to production.