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Dolph Lundgren Filming Kindergarten Cop 2

KINDERGARTENCOP2LUNDGRENThe busy schedule of Dolph Lundgren continues.  His latest venture?  The sequel to Kindergarten Cop (1990), which he is filming right now in Vancouver, Canada.  Well, if you can’t believe it, just check out the pictures.

The new film will be directed by Michael Don Paul, director of Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, from a script by David H. Steinberg, who wrote ‘American Pie.’ The new Kindergarten cop is a leading man type with an Indian sidekick named Sanjit. They’re on the trail of a missing flash drive from the Federal Witness protection program. Somehow it’s wound up in a kindergarten class. Flimsy premise, but it puts him side by side with a beautiful teacher and they hit it off. There’s also bad guys involved– this time they’re Albanian.

Well, there is little else to say about this.  I’d forgotten that this movie was even a thing, even as a DTV.

  • Der IS no toilet!!


      EEm duh patty poopuh

  • Anoyster

    This is what I call “The WTF News of the Week”.

  • Mucho Macho

    I love Dolph..but come on dude!
    Not even my broke ass would’ve done this movie


      Lol Dolph is making 2 movies a month

      • Mucho Macho

        Well ..on the other hand..Drago is on demand. Lets b grateful for that
        Lol but true

        • The Night Rider

          Or another way to put it, Lundgren is winning harder!

          • Mucho Macho

            He has been featured in a couple of american publications in the past couple of months “Muscle and Fitness” (he was even the cover) and “Sports Illustrated”
            He talks about moving to Hollywood after all these years after his divorce and wanting to take advantage of opportunities that were not there for him a few years ago.
            in the end I can’t fault the guy for that.
            Good for him
            But this one still weird hahaha

    • jim

      This is going to be so shitty I just have to see it. I’m laughing already.

      • Mucho Macho

        Well..might as well tell a 5 year old:
        ” i must break you”

    • AlTeo

      Like sir Mucho once said, Dolph gotta eat

      • Mucho Macho

        Right on my friend
        Well he is a big dude on a high protein diet.
        Plus who knowz how much he lost on his divorced.
        But these guys bounce back well…his current girlfriend is hot

  • Mucho Macho

    Larry The Cable Guy did
    “Jingle all the Way 2” and “The Tooth Fairy 2”.
    was he not available for this?!

  • Serbius


  • Mucho Macho

    when I was in school the only teachers i paid attention to were the ones that were hot, young females & had a big tits.


    Wtf did I just read

  • The Night Rider

    Lol Schwarzenegger hardcore cultists are crying foul that Dolph has ‘stolen’ Schwarzenegger’s sequel.

    • John

      Never underestimate the John Kimble purists lol

  • custard ganet


  • QTN

    I’m sure this will be crap and we definitely didn’t need this movie in our lives.

    BUT…Dolph is actually a pretty funny enough personality when allowed to be. (see I COME IN PEACE, EXPEDABLES 2, etc.) So this isn’t as far fetched casting-wise as it sounds.

    • FistFullofJohnson

      For mentioning ‘I COME IN PEACE’, add 2 happy years to your life.

  • TheOldMcClane
  • Lesley Ann Down Syndrome

    John Kimble cannot be replaced. He was a cop for 17 years

  • shadowhedgehogz

    Arnie needs to be in the film and NOT as a cameo, at least as ONE of the main actors.

  • Andrew Donnelly

    Go home kids and have a…goood journey


  • Charles R. Lawson

    Can you say…”straight to video?”

  • Zeke Teke


  • disqus_1mP3cwC0Av

    Drago’s post Apollo cred fight in KC2 form

    I can’t be taught, soon I teach a real class If they fail they fail

  • Bladeistrue

    No originality from Hollywood – just “high fructose corn syrup” made movies for public addicted to make-believe land delusions and losing touch with reality,

    • Duder

      Just.. shut up. Christ alive. Cant have one story without guys like this.. doesn’t matter whether it sounds genius or stupid, the response is always this drivel. Not that this movie looks amazing, but SHIT…

    • John

      Haha too cool for school

    • Daniel3344

      “..delusions and losing touch with reality…”
      There’s other ways of doing that, at least this way doesn’t involve rehab.

  • CainCrow…….Cute and cuddly

    FANTASTIC!! I doubt it will be as great as the first but I love the Dolph man!!

  • jorgebrito2

    Dominic is all grown up now. I wonder if he is going to come out married with kids in this movie.

  • John Connor

    Please let this be a remake and have no connection to the wonderful Kindergarten Cop original.

  • John

    I am all for this. Esp if Arnold cameos.

  • Mike Tzeng

    Hollywood continue to destroy the old classic

  • Dan13l

    Take my money

  • I Come in Peace (or Dark Angel as its been stupidly retitled) is an absolute classic in my book. Love that movie!

  • john

    why mess with a nice movie and make what will be a crappy follow up

  • Li Tempo

    “this time the bad guys are Albanian.”

    Yes, more Hollywood jingoistic nonsense.

  • Jackie Sunshine McKee

    I am looking forward to this kid friendly movie that Dolph was kind enough to make with kids. I loved him in I Come in Peace and Universal Soldiers. This may not be the manly man kind of movie that you would have wanted to see him in but he has shown that he can make a film for any audience. I loved the first one and I am sure I am going to love this new one. With all the gross and disgusting films out there, I am happy to see a clean movie.