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Ready For A ‘Training Day’ TV Series?

training-day_bfb23c2c-2TV land continues to say ‘outta my way’ Hollywood as it apparently takes on another movie-based thriller project.  And after the success of Fargo, who is to say it won’t work?  Training Day is next in line it appears.

Per Deadline, it was Antoine Fuqua (a director of supremely manly movies) brought the idea to WBTV, and he has enlisted Jerry Bruckheimer and his Jerry Bruckheimer TV banner to executive produce. Will Beall, who penned Gangster Squad and an early draft of Justice League, will write the script while Fuqua will executive produce and likely direct the pilot.

I have to say, so far, this has the ingredients of a success.  The original movie is so damned good so I would advise anyone who has missed it to check it out, like immediately.  Preferably on Blu-Ray since its transfer is stunning.