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The Mechanic: Resurrection Gets August 2016 Date

mechanic2We have a sequel to Jason Statham’s The Mechanic on the way.  Deadline reports the film production company, Summit Entertainment, has switched around the release dates for two of their films including The Mechanic: Resurrection, starring Jason Statham once again, which has been pushed back to August 26, 2016 to make room for Criminal.

By the way, some fight scenes were also film aboard a large yacht as MegaYacht News revealed a while back:

“We know that there will be some fight scenes on board, as these have been rehearsed while she was in the dock,” Gareth Twist, managing director of Yacht Solutions, says. “But we can’t reveal any more of the plot than that!” Twist does add, however, “Jason Statham came to the yacht in Bangkok to check it out before they took the yacht out to sea for filming.”

You can check out a glimpse of that Yacht here;