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Dolph Lundgren Puts Female Fighters In Their Place

Dolph LundgrenI’m kind of sick of hearing about Ronda Rousey, more than I was about Gina Carano even.  Although I did have a lot of time for Carano’s thighs.  Combine that with the ultra left trajectory the west is on and how the concept of gender and sex are now frowned upon and you really do have a lot to put up with.  Especially with Rousey and female MMA fighters.

Well it appears that Dolph Lundgren ain’t got time for this nonsense.  The former full contact champion tells Maxim:

In a fight to the death, the man will always beat the woman, even if he isn’t trained. Rousey’s a good fighter, but very few women will take a fight to the very end. There’s something about a guy punching a girl in the face full blast that’s a different ball game. Men are built to kill by our Creator; women really aren’t. That’s why the bodies and systems work differently. Sure, there are some women who can become an Army Ranger, but they’re extremely few. Ronda Rousey is a great fighter, but there’s a huge difference.’

They also asked Dolph who would win between himself and Rousey:

‘I was a former heavyweight champion [in Kyokushin karate]. I think you have my answer’