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EXCLUSIVE: Method Man Talks Lucky Number (2015)

methodmanluckynumberThis new con man  film is inspired by an incredibly bizarre true story, when a friend of the film’s writer/producer Michael Cuccolo received the old cell number of Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, superstar third baseman of the New York Yankees.  Lucky Number stars Wu-Tang Clan legend, Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith (How High), and poses the question: What would you do with a superstar’s old phone number?

To cover this release we have an exclusive video from the set of the movie, where Method Man talks his role in the movie, juggling both a movie and music career and more.

In the movie, Bret, an aspiring sportscaster, serendipitously finds his phone contains the old cell number of his idol, basketball superstar Tyson ‘The Saint’ St. James.  Bret uses his newfound access to gain entrance for him and his buddies into exclusive VIP events and clubs, all while trying to impress the girl of his dreams.  His lucky streak comes to a halt when ‘The Saint’ gets wind of what he’s up to.  Will the #Lucky Number become Bret’s shortcut to success or his path to destruction?