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Boll Vows To Nuke Transsexuals As President In 2016

uwebolinterviewWith the upcoming ‘elections’ to take place in the upcoming 2016 presidential race in North America, one contender has thrown has name into the hat.  Uwe Boll wishes to run for president in 2016 and a video has surfaced on YouTube of Mr. Boll discussing what policies he intends to enact when he takes office.

Boll also forecasts an atomic attack on Mexico during his term, but not before homosexuals and transsexuals are deported en masse to Mexico first.  “Before we nuke them, we deport all homosexuals and transsexuals over there, including the fucking Bruce Jenner guy, or girl, or whatever he is, then we nuke them”.  Interesting policies being put forth by Dr. Boll.

In the video below you can check out President Boll break things down about what he intends to do with the future USA.  I guess if a Kenyan Communist can take the reigns then a German Republican can do the same too.

Over to you, President Boll…