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Cranston Talks Mel Gibson Being Blacklisted

mel3Manly man Mel Gibson has been blacklisted in Hollywood, we all know that.  Not in Australia mind you, where apparently the man is still treated with respect.  Now Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston says that Gibson’s blacklisting could have been avoided.

“I think there is self-imposed blacklisting in Hollywood,” he told Cover Media at the Trumbo press conference during the London Film Festival.

“Take Mel Gibson… Any misbehaviour in a certain way, it depends on the sensitivity of the behaviour. If you have skeletons coming out of your closet that expose yourself to abnormal or criminal behaviour, then yeah, you put yourself on that blacklist. Because people won’t work with you.”

He also referenced a time he had experienced the self-imposed blacklist, recalling a project he was promised in his early days as an actor.

“There was a time when I was told that I was up for a movie, many years ago,” he said. “And I was very excited about it because it was a job, and they said: ‘I think they’re getting O.J. Simpson to be in the movie too, and I went: ‘Oh no, no.’ And as actors started hearing about that, they started dropping out and the movie fell apart because it was impossible to sustain.”