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Fury Road Draws Impressive Home Media Sales

hardymaxThis year Mad Max: Fury Road pulled an impressive total at the box office, with $373 million internationally being the number it more or less settled at.  The story doesn’t end there however.  The movie has had its DVD and Blu-Ray release and has done some impressive numbers there too.

The movie has drawn $12 million on DVD and $23 million on Blu-Ray in less than a month, for a total of $36 million.  These numbers are only for the United States and considering how well the movie performed at the international box office, it almost certainly has performed even better internationally on Blu-Ray and DVD.

A sequel has already been named in Mad Max: The Wasteland with Tom Hardy returning in the title role but, in a somewhat positive rumour for me, Charlize Theron is probably not going to return for the movie.  Anyway it is all around good news.