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Girlie Man Cumberbatch Gets Ideas Above His Station

cumberbatch-blog480I’m going to go ahead and admit that I cannot stand Benedict Cumberbatch.  The very site of him puts me in a bad mood.  I hate his voice, name, face and entire demeanour.  Another thing I can’t stand is actors who get ideas above their station.

Take Angelina Jolie.  Does the UN really need a woman as a special ambassador whose claim to fame was revealing her 36c tits in a string of terrible movies?  A new low for the UN and a new high for distended and utterly inflamed Hollywood egos.  Here is one more example, a few years ago U2 frontman Bono lectured Irish workers over their use of cars with regards to travelling to work.  They were destroying the environment, he said.  It was later revealed that the tirade was penned whilst on a flight to Rome aboard a private jet.

Anyway, Benedict Cumberbatch is another one.  Having hit the big time over the past few years, now, Cumberbatch is now getting ideas above his station.  After charging £1,000 a head to see him recite some Shakespearean guff on a stage, Cumberbatch is reportedly taking time to lecture to the audience on doing more to help Syrian refugees.

Now who the fuck does this man think he is?  You’re an actor, pal.  An entertainer.  Pipe down and shut your mouth.  To be clear, I don’t have a problem with Syrian refugees, I have a problem with millionaire hypocrites.

It gets worse though.  How much has Cumberbatch himself donated to help Syrian refugees?  The man is stinking rich, have we heard anything about his charitable war?  Or does he pontificate with a microphone in one hand and the other hand clinching his wallet in a death grip?  At least Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as annoying as they are, have thrown millions at plighted peasants.

There’s one other thing that needs to be said about this hypocrite.  Since we’re talking about the suffering of Syrian refugees, why doesn’t Cumberbatch, a champagne socialist, lecture us on the root of the problem?  If we want to help Syrians – the majority of whom are behind President Assad’s lines and retreat with his army everytime it loses ground, let’s support their leader and bomb the ever loving shit out of his cannibal opposition.  What’s wrong, Benny, afraid that saying stuff like that might affect some of your future casting opportunities?  Cumberbatch will never talk about who is trying to destroy Syria or why.

What an utter cretin.  Stay out of movies I like, coward!