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World War Z Sequel Back On Track

It may not have been the best zombie movie ever, but I think that World War Z was slightly underrated.  It could be one of the rare examples where hefty and troubled re-shoots bailed out an otherwise poor movie.  Perhaps a sequel is welcome.

World War Z 2 is back on track with writer Dennis Kelly, creator of the British TV show Utopia, set to pen the script. An earlier draft, written by Burnt’s Steven Knight, will serve as a foundation for Kelly to work from.

Recently  The Hollywood Reporter, Antonio Bayona’s ‘involvement was on thin ice’ due to Jurassic Worlds 2’s interest in stealing him away from the WWZ sequel.  Although this issue now appears to have been settled.

One thing I think this sequel could benefit from is less CGI showcasing.  The third act of the first movie, which was the stuff that was ‘added’ with re-shoots, proved to be the best part of the movie and it was largely a showdown between Brad Pitt and a small herd of stiffs inside a medical complex.  This was mostly practical film making, harking back to Romero’s reign.

The fact that this was what bailed the movie out is not a coincidence and hopefully not lost on the producers.  Maybe it was Pitt who forced the issue.