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Gods Of Egypt Sparks Racial Controversy

godsofegyptBack when Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus’ came out, the furore over ‘white washing’ came with it, the allegation that too many white people were playing roles that historically would not have been white. Another similar movie is now facing calls of a lack of racial diversity, Gods of Egypt.

Director Alex Proyas himself has issued a statement apologizing for the lack of racial diversity in the cast. He tells Forbes:

“The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made.”

Lionsgate also acknowledged the need for more inclusive casting in a statement to Variety:

“We recognize that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity, for which we sincerely apologize. Lionsgate is deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of our audiences. We have, can and will continue to do better.​​”

Now I dunno, call me a cynic but I smell a marketing ploy here.  I practically hadn’t heard of this movie until recently and had not heard of this controversy until today, and I’m supposed to know these things.  So, apparently Alex Proyas and Lionsgate are apologizing louder than the actual complainers, with regards to their movie which so happened to be under performing on social media. What better way to solicit guerilla marketing, eh?

I guess I can cross Proyas off the interview list, heh, heh…