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Goodman Joins Spy Thriller ‘Coldest City’?

big-lebowski-0091710What’s up with John Goodman of late?  Well he is now in talks to join David Leitch’s (JOHN WICK) spy thriller, THE COLDEST CITY, which is set to star Charlize Theron and tells of how, just days before the fall of the Berlin Wall, “two spies from opposite sides are chasing a list that has the names of Cold War spies, on both sides, before it gets into the wrong hands.” The other spy will be played by James McAvoy and John Goodman’s role will be that of an American agent who works with both Theron and McAvoy.

Amazon‘s description of the graphic novel:

November 1989. Communism is collapsing, and soon the Berlin Wall will come down with it. But before that happens there is one last bit of cloak & dagger to attend to. Two weeks ago, an undercover MI6 officer was killed in Berlin. He was carrying information from a source in the East – a list that allegedly contains the name of every espionage agent working in Berlin, on all sides. No list was found on his body. Now Lorraine Broughton, an experienced spy with no pre-existing ties to Berlin, has been sent into this powderkeg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad and secret assassinations to bring back the list and save the lives of the British agents whose identities reside on it.

It’s always good to catch a good spy thriller and Goodman is hard to beat in this kind of role.