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20 Years Ago Today… Heat

heat_f9d0da35Twenty years ago today Heat was released.  December 15th 1995.  For the record, it’s my favourite movie ever made, above everything else such as Die Hard, Terminator 2 or other popular choices people have.

I adore everything about this masterpiece.  The hyper realism, the acting, the use of post modern white buildings that Michael Mann likes, the acting, the score, the sound.  It’s the perfect movie, Mann will never top it, that’s for sure.

For the surround sound uninitiated, you should make Heat your starting point.  If you haven’t already, buy a decent 5.1 system solely for this movie.  And don’t use the YouTube stuff either, get it on Blu-Ray and listen to the uncompressed high definition audio.  Then crank up the volume and immerse yourself.

So let us drink to Heat.  It’s 20 years old and it looks cooler than ever, hasn’t aged a bit.