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Are You Ready For… AmeriGeddon?!

Chuck Norris’ son, Mike Norris, appears to be moving further into the movie business.  Above is his trailer for upcoming political disaster thriller ‘AmeriGeddon’.  Let’s just deal with the elephant in the room first, that is quite possibly the single worst movie title ever.

‘When a terrorist attack fries the entire power grid and spins the country into chaos, a young Army officer, his maverick mentor and elite group must team up to fight back against the hidden powers that threaten to turn America into a police state.’

Turn America into a police state?  Buddy, that horse has fled the barn!  Anyway, as well as directing Mike Norris will also star as ‘Cliff’, with the movie getting a February 2016 release date and running for 90 minutes.  And now, time for the poster.  I gotta admit the ‘You were warned’ tag is kinda cool.