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Updated: Tom Hardy Joins Nolan’s Dunkirk Movie


UPDATED: Well it looks like we have our first cast members here. Joining Nolan’s upcoming World War 2 thriller will be Kenneth Brannagh and Tom Hardy, says TheHollywoodReporter.  The film will also be shot for IMAX format and begin production during May.  Makes sense, the evacuation would require certain weather, unless they were going to screw us with fake skies, fake everything.

PREVIOUSLY: When was the last time we had a giant or ‘blockbuster’ World War 2 movie?  It’s honestly hard to remember.  Maybe Christopher Nolan will fill the void with his next movie.

French outlet La Voix Du Nord says Nolan is preparing a World War Two movie which has been inspired by Operation Dynamo. Operation Dynamo of course was the evacuation of around 330,000 Allied troops from the French seaport of Dunkirk in May/June 1940 as the German army advanced.

Dunkirk’s mayor Patrice Vergriete has even announced the filming of an American ‘blockbuster’ in France that would take place June 2016 by a famous director with the publication’s sources seeming confirming Nolan being the one.  I mean even if it’s Christopher Nolan, I’m all for a big budget WW2 feature.

To be honest though I’m more interested in Danny Boyle’s ten part big budget series ‘Telemark’, why haven’t we heard anything new about that?