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Gibson Talks Near-Fatal Car Accident

gibson5Over 35 years ago Mel Gibson was in a near fatal car accident, narrowly avoiding death.  Gibson has been on a promotional tour of sorts with Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and has been speaking about the incident. He recalled being hit by a car as he rushed to a dance and movement class.

“What happened was kind of miraculous … I went about 40 feet through the air … then centrifugal force took over and I began to spin,” he said.

He landed like a ballet dancer in front of an astonished busload of schoolchildren. “All the kids wanting blood and guts got a show they wouldn’t forget.”His austere Russian dance teacher, he added, was unimpressed when he turned up late.”I learned my phone manner from her,” he joked.

A typical Gibson-ite anecdote, very cool.