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REVIEW: The Hateful Eight (2015) Sucks


Quentin Tarantino has been found out.  I have long since been over his sole gimmick of ‘quirky conversational’ dialogue, with occasional explosions of exposition, masquerading as masterpieces.  Once again Tarantino has filmed a series of diatribes and monologues, patched them together and dared to call it a movie.  Worse, I honestly think the guy thinks of himself as some type of legendary auteur (‘The Eighth Film of Quentin Tarantino’ it says in the opening credits, was that really necessary, pastiche or not?).  I think he has fooled many others too, he certainly knows how to make dumb people think they’re looking at brilliance.

A great premise is used here.  Various shady characters gather together in Wyoming in the post civil war era, in the midst of a two day blizzard they take refuge in a cabin, before they all complete their journeys to the town of Big Rock.  Among them are Kurt Russell, escorting the varmant Jennifer Jason Leigh to Big Rock for a good old hanging for murder.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the war veteran, so does Bruce Dern (underused) but on the other side, with Michael Madsen playing his own ‘mysterious’ (codeword for Tarantino wanting to cast him, but having no clue for what role).  Tim Roth plays the English hangman, but not a patch on ‘English Bob’.

A lot has been said about the movie being filmed in 70mm and dang, that’s a wide lens.  Curious then that most of the movie is filmed inside a cabin, not exactly fertile ground for the old format.  I guess now we know why the cabin has no rooms.  Worse, the entire first act is filmed inside a carriage, cramped as hell.  I mean it’s nice to see the old format used again, but it’s an odd choice here, are we being gimmicked with this too?

My biggest beef with this  movie is the writing.  Entire TV episodes, indeed, entire movies, could be squeezed into the overwrought waste of screen time in this movie where next to nothing happens. 35 minutes of chin wagging in a horse carriage descends to the 95 minute mark where the gassy dialogue continues inside the cabin.  Then comes a ‘twist’ that confirms that the entire movie up until that point was redundant.  It’s almost like the writer has no idea where he’s going, then finally has a script doctor come in and salvage the mess with the only ‘twist’ CPR routine.  I felt robbed and unconvinced.

Much is made of Samuel L. Jackson’s black character being locked up with a band of rednecks and racists.  The word nigger is used a lot throughout the movie, with Tarantino writing the character strongly as a rebuttal, it’s almost like he’s trying to pen some commentary on the multiracial make up of the emerging United States, but doesn’t quite know what to say.  Instead he plays to the crowd with contemporary shock humour, it turns out that Samuel L. Jackson’s character boasts of having a man perform oral sex on him to his fellow guests, with a graphic flashback accompanying.  Yet while everyone there calls him a nigger, none of them call him a queer.  This may be standard fare in genderless 21st century Los Angeles, but in 18th century Wyoming?  This shlock belongs in a Wayans’ movie, and John Ford is rolling in his grave.

There is stuff to like in here, no doubt.  Kurt Russell is a fine actor with monstrous screen presence, so is Tim Roth. They make the best out of their roles, they help tension simmer, even if the writer doesn’t know when to quit and reorganise.  The movie also looks heavyweight and the blizzard outside throws a thick atmosphere over proceedings. But for that, it’s not enough to make me want to watch this movie ever again.  It’s highly disappointing, a waste of a fine ensemble and I wonder if that weighed on Tarantino’s mind when he pulled those anti-cop and ‘Black Lives Matter’ publicity stunts just as the PR window began in earnest.  Oh yeah, that’s what they were, well timed publicity stunts.



  • Anoyster

    I had a feeling this turned out like shit. Everything from the leaked script to the length of a bottle-movie with ultrawide gimmick lens and the general downwards trajectory of Tarantinos work and the talk of making 10 movies and retiring. The man has been in need of a strong producer who would tell him no for a while now. Got a couple movie tickets for Christmas and with this being out of the question and not giving a fuck about Star Wars I don’t need to worry about not seeing everything I want.

    • He’s doing another one of these shitty movies apparently another Inglorious Bastards

      • Anoyster

        That fella is done I’m afraid, shame since at least he gets to do original work with big money and I’d love to support that but I can’t support shit.

  • Jakoda_Ray

    Tarantino hasn’t made a watchable movie since Pulp Fiction.

    • DisqusHound

      I don’t know…I rather liked Inglourious Basterds.

      But then I credit that mostly to the opening scene on the farm and Michael Fassbender’s barroom standoff. Most of the rest of the movie was just ‘okay’…the only part that made me cringe was the over-the-top Hitler assassination and lame resolution.

    • Alias Darker

      i agree, except for the kill bills

  • ChrisWhite

    This has to been one of the worst reviews I’ve ever read on this site. I don’t agree with anything that is being said. For me this movie was a..great experience and it was both engrossing and fun. It borrows a lot from the old tarrantino and is a mashup of a lot movies. The casting is great. This is Tarrantinos best movie since Pulp Fiction and way above garbage like Django.. One of the best movies of 2015!

    • Barney Ross

      This was his best since Pulp Fiction. I LOVED it.

  • jim

    I pretty much second this review. Night Rider has spelled out just how badly written the film is.This is compounded by it’s twisted politics……..That Jackson blow job story actually made me quite angry.I almost dumped the film right there. It seems the only way for a white man to get onside with the mud people these days is for him to say that he hates whites as much as they do. It is depressing to see all these (mostly white probably jewish ) middle class film critics giving Tarantino’s anti white hate speeches these A+ reviews .This film is being hyped as one of his best.Don’t be fooled. I honestly don’t think I can fully respect any white man who endorses this shit. Django was the same.. QT is a frightened gutless coward who thinks these films will mean he will be spared in the forthcoming race wars. I doubt it.No one likes an ass kisser. ….As for the rest , it is too long,the widescreen is pointless and the performances seem erratic too. I still love RD,TR,PF and JB but it’s as if they were made by someone else. Tarantino’s talent hasn’t vanished completely.The story of the Lincoln letter is cleverly used to make an interesting point and it gives Walton Goggins the film’s best scene (at the dinner table) but it seems fear,self hate and a desire to stay on the right side of the powers that be (IB was jewish ass kissing) have hollowed out all QT’s early promise.
    I look forward to seeing jewish hollywood making an equally forthright film about the founding of the state of Israel.If America carries the baggage of the indian wars and slavery then Israelis can also be said to have baggage of their own. That blood is still wet. Any gentile director out there want to risk making THAT movie? ….Mel?….Hateful 8,like so much else in our ruined culture,is just anti white propaganda,..We are now so perverted by self loathing that gimps like QT and his jewish sponsors don’t even bother to disguise their agenda. It is foul.
    I also have another theory about QT.I think he might be queer.The blowjob talk in this one reminded me of the crude homo erotic banter in RD..If QT isn’t gay he might be an asexual geek.I doubt if he’s ever seen a woman naked.. I think the only tits he has seen were on a screen….unless Uma showed him hers to get KB3 moving.The way his camera worships Uma in KB and Pam Grier in JB reminds me of how fags often put “empowered” females on a pedestal….. .When guys go on about “strong women” it always sounds gay..

    • Dino Bambino

      Dude, most of the characters called Samuel L. Jackson’s character a nigger for the majority of a 2-hour movie. And you’re complaining about a possibly imaginary (in film) blowjob scene. Then go on rant about Israelis.

      You sound just like those whiny minorities who play the race card when they don’t get their way. You’re White. Act like it.

      This wasn’t an anti-white movie (white racist lives), Django wasn’t an anti-white movie (anti-slave owner). And Tarantino isn’t pro-black (writes hilarious nigger jokes in every movie) or anti-black (writes victorious blacks in his movies).

      You also sound like a minority complaining about supposedly how anti-minority White Hollywood and society is, except you’ve replaced anti-minority with anti-White, and White Hollywood with Jewish Hollywood.

      • jim

        If you can’t see when you’re being put in your place then you are too stupid to survive.Even the dumbest creatures in the forest have a survival instinct…but not you : the mass produced end result of modern mediaeducation . Tarantino fanboys are trying to spin Jackson’s “let’s rape white guys” story as being made up just to provoke a response from Dern.. There is no reason at all to believe this but you have to pretend that’s what it is because that scene disgusts and worries you too.. Try telling that story with a jewishblack guy getting it from a white guy!! Then try and give your bullshit excuse to The New York Times or MSNBC or any of the other media turds who are always looking for a white witch to burn. . Taken with Django and QT’ s recent comments about cops it is pretty much obvious where he is coming from…As for the Weinstein’s of this world: Who do you think runs Hollywood ? Eskimos? These films don’t get made by accident.This is policy. I withdraw nothing.No way in hell do you get this kind of invective directed at our so called jewish friends.With friends like these…….I hate this fucking film…but mostly I’m angry at oblivious whites who are too stupid or stoned or brainwashed to hear the blades being sharpened. ….If that sounds like a minority whine then I have a solution.: let QT and Weinstein make their anti whiteanti western anti christian slavery-holocaust porn. After all, I’m opposed to censorship. Just allow a few filmakers to make films that reflect today’s sexcrimeviolent crime welfare statistics.QT can ransack the nineteenth and early twentieth century and we can can make films about todays violence.Perhaps if we have time we can make a few films about israel without genuflecting in front of the star of david. ..If Goldman Sachs was called Abdul Achmed what kind of movie would it be?

        • Dino Bambino

          *”There is no reason at all to believe this but you have to pretend that’s what it is because that scene disgusts and worries you too.. Try telling that story with a jewishblack guy getting it from a white guy!!”*

          Plenty of films where minorities have to do things like literally eat shit of a White man’s boot. But oh yeah, if it was the other way around – and Jackson’s character was White, you’d complain that Tarantino is trying to make White men look like fags, perverts, etc.

          Tarantino’s an idiot and you’re an idiot. I can beat you in every corner of this debate.

          If the blowjob scene was a ‘real’ story within the story, it doesn’t make his character look good. Even if you subscribe to your “In Hollywood, One black = all blacks. one White = all Whites” it still doesn’t make Whites look bad. You’re delusional and a hypocrite.

          *If that sounds like a minority whine then I have a solution.: let QT and Weinstein make their anti whiteanti western anti christian slavery-holocaust porn. *

          It’s not IF, it is. You’d tell them to shut up and man up if minorities whined like you’re whining. YOU BOTH DO THE SAME THING. When a White character of no relation to you other than skin color doesn’t win in a fictional movie, you scream WAYCIST. Just like minorities do, claiming conspiracy.

          Hollywood made pro-White, anti-minority movies for decades. Where was the crying then? Again, you’re a hypocrite.

          Before, when crybaby minorities whined about “their characters” in the majority of movies, people like you said it was only a movie and they needed to learn how to calm down and take a joke. But that now a miniscule amount of movies supposedly target you (ie: doesn’t suck your cock 100% of the time), all Hollywood is suddenly an evil vessel of racist propaganda that needs to be boycotted.

          Either it was evil all along or you’re a crybaby and full of hypocrisy.

          It’s like when people complain about PC sitcoms today. Back in the 70s and 80s, I didn’t hear those people complain when everyone — other than the fictional character they lived vicariously through — were treated like jackasses.

          When a White guy is mocked on television or in a movie, it isn’t you; it is an actor. And he doesn’t represent every White person on Earth. Again, you sound like a dumb minority.

          “WHY EVERY TIME THE BLACK GUY HAVE TO DIE?” “THIS FILM RACIST. WHY’S THE BLACK GUY THE FOOL” and on and on. I’ve heard it all before.

          • jim

            Abject pile ‘o’ wank response. QT’s attack on cops coupled with Jamie Foxx’s “let’s kill white guys ” shtick in Django and now Jackson’s “let’s rape ’em too” rap in Hateful 8…and all of it not only defended,but cheered on by losers like you .How gay is that? What could be more wretched?…..There is such a thing as asking for it.I don’t know what movies you’ve been watching but all I see is white middle class liberals tippy-toeing on eggshells around the tender sensibilities of blacks ,jews and everyone else ….but you say this is to make up for all those “culturally insensitive” movies made in the fuckin’ fifties?!!.You think we’ve got it comin’ ! People like you believe this is payback.! Sorry mate.I’m not pickin’ up the tab for something John Wayne did sixty years ago.You probably believe in reparations for slavery too.. Fuck yourself you pathetic gimp. These people are shitting all over you and you are too stupid to see it….Or maybe you enjoy it? Loser.

          • Dino Bambino

            Again, plenty of movies where minorities are killed by Whites. But when it’s the other way around, pussies like you scream racism. You’re spineless for letting a little fictional movie get to you.

            Didn’t see Jamie Foxx kill any ‘innocent’ Whites in Django. The main villain was a kneegrow! (Samuel L Jackson) and he died a slow, painful death. Yet again, you call it scream racism like a little bitch.

            Look at your lack of logic:

            Django (shit movie anyway):

            Blacks whipped, killed, treated like animals. And one single black kills those doing most of the vile actions. Your response? ANTI WHITE racist movie!

            The Hateful Eight:
            Whites and one black killed. Only black in film called a nigger all the way through in many hilarious ways. Tells story of blowjob to White character who boasts about racist massacre of unarmed negroes. Kills him. Your logic = ANTI WHITE racist movie.

            Again, by your retarded non-logic: black guy kills White villains = racist to Whites. White guys call negro nigger through entire movie, negro retaliates with blowjob story/murder = racist to Whites.

            And yet again you go on ranting about Jews oppressing you. And yet again you sound like those minorties who blame Whitey for all their woes.

            Didn’t say it was to make up for anything. But you can’t cry about MILDLY putting White guys in 2nd place OCCASSIONALLY in 2015, and say it’s racism. When no-one cried about the MAJORITY of BLATANTLY racist movies before. You do that, and you’re a hypocrite. If it was just entertainment then (and it was) then its mildly, rarer alternative is also entertainment.

            John Wayne was a bad ass. There’s nothing to pick up the tab for. But if you can’t take it, you’re a pussy. Just like if minorities hate John Wayne movies or any of those 70s/80s NON PC comedies, then they are also pussies. Do you see how it works?

            You rant and rant about PC this, PC that and how everyone is too sensitive. But in the next breath, you claim every movie that aims a joke or violence toward Whites is intolerant and insensitive. YOU ARE A CRYBABY or a troll trying to make Whites look stupid.

            I won’t answer your strawman shit about muh slavery, either.

            What people are shitting all over who? Who?

            Django shoots up a house full of people who treated him like shit. Big fucking deal. You see Whites with cleaner hands than slavers suffer worse fates in other movies at the hads of Whites, but I don’t hear your crying about that.

            You remind me of those blacks who get all hissy and up in arms when a White cop kills one of their thugs, but are silent as fuck when a black kills another black.

            YOU ARE SILENT WHEN IT DOESN’T FIT YOUR FAKE, VICTIM-STATUS AGENDA. You and the race-card/homophobia/jew-hater minority accusers are the same.

            All you have “Don’t you see!? You’re so stupid! You’re racist to Whites!” And all they have is “You hate blacks”, “You’re homophobic” “You’re anti-semitic” usually over the most asinine, miniscule things. No arguments, just emo.

            You have no logical retorts, which is why you make shitty accusations about slavery, and White Guilt, and how you’re being oppressed by Whitey — oops, I mean Jewey.

            98% of Hollywood movies have a White hero. And in the past, it was 100%. But, again, TWO movies out of thousands show a negro killing or humiliating White VILLAINS, and suddenly, the entire industry is anti-White.

            You’re a disgrace to White people. Seriously. And likely aren’t even White.

            Whites take responsibility for their actions and pride themselves on logic. You have nothing but emotion, paranoia, and eternal sense of minority-like entitlement.

          • jim

            Yaawwwnn…Said all have to say on this. I suspect that QT, all the taranteenies and you secretly would love to get fucked in the ass by Samuel L. Jackson and I’m guessing subconsciously he would just love to do that to little white boys like you. …Or maybe it’s not so subconscious after all. It’s wide out in the open. …They aren’t even trying to hide it. Sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be..Like I said , you’re a loser.. Hard to respect any creature which collaborates in it’s own destruction. . To be honest,I didn’t even bother reading your last post.

          • brainbiter

            I’ll pop back if I have time but cannot guarantee a further response [I’m involved with too many internet ‘debates’ as it is]:

            “Django (shit movie anyway):

            Blacks whipped, killed, treated like animals. And one single black kills those doing most of the vile actions. Your response? ANTI WHITE racist movie!

            The Hateful Eight:

            Whites and one black killed. Only black in film called a nigger all the way through in many hilarious ways. Tells story of blowjob to White character who boasts about racist massacre of unarmed negroes. Kills him. Your logic = ANTI WHITE racist movie.”

            The film [like so many others] justifies anti-white violence by posing blacks as victims. You offer the same juxtaposition and the same rationale throughout but, strangely, in support of another argument. The makers are saying that whatever happens to whites they have it coming.

            Shouldn’t people complain of double standards at work in a world in which racism is violently opposed except where whites alone are victims of it, where crime figures are massaged to incriminate Europeans and where entertainers no longer permitted to ‘go black face’ are nevertheless expected to applaud negroes who dress up and make films like ‘White Chicks’? Why is it wrong to flag obvious injustice and how is it hypocritical to expose hypocrisy?

            It is very silly furthermore to claim that whites who cry ‘Enough!’ are merely recapitulating the same tiresome mantras employed by ethnic lobby groups. ‘Minorities’ lobby us for more of what we have. What we have is ours by right. Europeans built ‘western civ’, not blacks or black slaves. There is no moral equivalence and since there is no moral equivalence our assailants have no argument.

            I’m sure your ‘logic’ will be a proper subject for reflection among the humorously inclined. Accordingly you claim that Jackson [by extension blacks in real life] respond only to provocation and as such whites have nothing to complain about. Thus you encapsulate the makers’ ambitions – missing the point even as you state it.

            You’ll get nothing either out of a bizarre ‘one black did this but four whites did the other/ there two scenes with this but there were five scenes depicting…’ line of reasoning, though it’s all of a piece with the rest of what you have to say to be honest, the obvious contradiction being that it’s victim-culture ‘moaning’ that helps us decide the the film’s moral claims, ‘whining’ that not only guides your own description of the characters and their motives but elicits a self-evident sympathy for Jackson’s character.

            The picture’s theme is grievance-mongering and black retribution. It’s what makes TH8 the propagandist work it is and you the rude, opinionated clod you are. Another example:

            “Again, by your retarded non-logic: black guy kills White villains = racist to Whites. White guys call negro nigger through entire movie, negro retaliates with blowjob story/murder = racist to Whites.”

            So ‘nigger’ is now an epithet and not so ‘hilarious’, and whites are now ‘villains’. ‘Nigger’ indeed has become a sound basis for a murderous vengeance. Your preconceived ideas of good and bad [i.e. politics] show themselves time and again. And if they are not yours, if you are simply describing what the makers want us to understand, then my argument as to films true purpose is sustained still further.

            Your defence is threadbare. An evaluation of whites as villains and an implicitly justified reaction to a racial epithet you’d previously assigned humorous motives to exposes it only too cruelly I suggest.

            Only one of multifarious ‘hatreds’ on display in TH8 actually matters. Indeed the intention to disarm white audiences even where ‘nigger’ is deployed with amusement in mind seems fairly obvious – lightening the mood so that whites conditioned to the lash, at the ready for the next excruciating bout of finger-wagging will suddenly observe casual, cross-racial use of a taboo epithet and experience something akin to relief, even a rush of gratitude, as the dungeon-master relents momentarily, inclining them to give even more latitude to our enemies’ sense of entitlement and adding to the cries for more of what’s killing them. Thank you for making us smile Quentin. Black people are really great!

            You failed to answer when asked – reasonably I think – to cite films exploring similar themes among non-whites [excluding politically expedient attacks on members of a certain religious faith]. When asked in effect why it signifies weakness for people to make others o their kind aware of what is being done to them, Hollywood’s efforts to demoralise and dissolve European resistance to genocide [since that is what it is] your reply, if I understood it correctly, is a transcendentally dim rejoinder to the effect that real men take it on the chin, grit their teeth at injustice and get on with their lives.

            Well they might but that doesn’t apply when your existence is at stake. People who take the Stoic route, as I suspect you know, find they and their kind become un-persons very quickly with no lives to get on with. I believe it was Pope St. Felix III who said “Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend Truth is to suppress it.” Here you not only fail to defend truth. You actively [if unconvincingly] defend lies. If there is shame to be apportioned it doesn’t belong with us.

          • Pitney Girl

            P U!!! I watched Django Unchained and thought this would be the same, edge of my seat movie, rooting for Jamie Foxx, but this movie was boring!!! Also, to see Samuel L. Jackson playing this different role after Django, just felt wrong! Didn’t enjoy this 2nd attempt…no good!

          • Tom

            You’re a fucking kid for letting a movie get to you, seriously. It’s just a movie for fuck’s sake. And how many movies show whites doing terrible things to non whites? A hell of a lot.

          • jim

            Hey Tom..when they’re chopping you into pieces in the street with machetes, just remember what I said.

      • Paul Robinson

        You are a first class idiot!

    • The Night Rider

      Thanks Jim. It IS badly written, some people are too dumb to see it and can only appreciate the trivial spectacle of famous actors reciting quirky dialogue.

    • beardedclam

      That was the most latent homosexual thing i have ever read. Tour really hit all the bases used the word fag talked about powerful women intimidating you. Saying someone who clearly has had sex a geek thats never seen a women and of course antisemitism. You sir jim is what is wrong with america. I hope you never have children

      • jim

        Be quiet woman!. Men are talking.

      • Spotted the Jew.

    • Thank you for this review, I was about to pirate it but now I don’t even wanna do that. I stick to old 50’s movies or Asian cinema. Koreans make great thrillers and crime films these days. Very few triggerings and almost no cultural marxism. Jewlywood should be burnt to the ground.

      • jim

        You said it brother. South Korean cinema is the most vital at the moment. No Oscars for them.

    • Tom

      A dumb racist doesn’t appreciate that scene. Well color me surprised. The non racist majority of people can see the irony and enjoy the scene.

      • jim

        You have to believe it is irony…don’t you.? I think he means it. I think he is that sick…and the cheerleading of liberals such as your guilty white self for this junk shows we’re just as sick as he is.

  • Boatman_90

    Good review Night.

    “waste of screen time in this movie where next to nothing happens”

    Exactly! I don’t understand why people love Tarantino’s movies and rave on about the dialogue when most of it is just utter bullshit its just talking for the sake of talking. All this time wasted just sitting around talking nonsense and dragging out stupid irrelevant scenes. SOME of the dialogue is good character development but most of it is shit and a waste of time time that could be used thickening the plot or building up the suspense.

    “Then comes a ‘twist’ that confirms that the entire movie up until that point was redundant”

    Another problem I have with his movies, you watch all this garbage dialogue and wait all this time for something to happen and you think that most of it could have been left out. I think he should keep his movies below 2 hours and cut back on the extended dialogue scenes. I really like Pulp Fiction but even with that movie, the screen time between Uma Thurman and Travolta could have been cut back drastically. I mean you wait that long for some action that when it finally comes your just happy that you got some action and not to worried about the quality of it.

    They talk about his dialogue why don’t they watch a real man’s movie with a proper script. Tarantino needs to watch ‘Heat’ and maybe he will learn something, that scene in the coffee shop is some of the best dialogue on film. Strictly business no bullshit. An intense back and forth scene between two people. That scene alone is better than anything Tarantino has ever filmed.

    • Ryan

      Well technically QT didn’t film it but he wrote and thats the dennis hopper chris walken scene in true romance. Utter brilliance

  • Andymovieman

    Tarantino is an idiot now due to the anti cop bullshit. I had a feeling too about how the movie would turn out. I’ll tell you something. I think kurt Russell needs to do better movies than what he’s already done lately. He needs to cut the bullshit and do another escape returning as snake Plissken and make it as good as rambo 4 or appear in expendables 4 even though he doesn’t like looking back. I think he needs to work with ron howard, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone and John carpenter again even though he’s got plans to do fast 8 with vin diesel even though that will be released before expendables 4 the same year. He’s better than this crap that he’s churning out from Tarantino.

  • Mucho Macho

    I haven’t watched the film yet.
    But i’ve been watching some promos for it on TV & as I told a friend yesterday I haven’t found myself remotely excited about this movie for whatever reason.

    Now all i read is “Samuel L Jackson blowjob story / followed by a graphic scene” & well…
    Let’s just say I sure as shit ain’t rushing to see this now.

  • Mucho Macho

    Tarantino hit the streets calling cops killers and murderers..
    screaming shouting and yelling “black lives matter”
    Well..after so many shitty movies as of late, I’m hitting the streets
    Yelling “Movie Fans Lives Matter”

    • ‘black lives matter’? How about ‘all lives matter’? Its not such a big deal when its black on black crime it seems. But I digress…..

      • Mucho Macho

        No you are right. I have written here this before. after high school I moved away from home , I did not have a lot of money so I rented apartments for a few years in not so nice neighborhoods.
        I saw a lot of shit. There were lots of good people yes..but my God the low class scumbags were something else. From urinating in my fucking door, to throwing garbage outside the windows, fighting ,mugging ,robbing assaulting ,you name it. It was at times fuckin crazy.
        I saw a lot of shit..but you know what i never saw?
        A white liberal.
        The media likes to stir up this crazy shit but never make a big deal when is the same group killing the same group. it will be nice to see such outcry and outrage whenever unnecessary lives are lost instead of pick and choose when are they important.

      • rayzzor

        My life matters.

  • Mucho Macho

    At least there was no gay sex in “Star Wars”..
    For now..
    Although watching a little girl telling Han Solo how to fly the Millenium Falcon made me fucking laugh…mofo please.

    One of the things that has contributed to the decay of quality in all things pop culture is that most producers, writers, directors and executives start out with an agenda rather than a good idea and a good plan in how to execute that idea.
    To me this is not surprising, when I was in college I would take art/film courses for easy credits. The self loathing, we are “outcasts” conversations it’s all that was talked about or taught one way or the other. it was so fake and pretentious, it was annoying and nauseating
    When I look at the state of current pop culture I think about those classes and I remind myself that I saw all this shit coming somewhat.

    • Leon Evelake

      ” One of the things that has contributed to the decay of quality in all things pop culture is that most producers, writers, directors and executives start out with an agenda rather than a good idea and a good plan in how to execute that idea. ”
      so disturbingly true

      • Mucho Macho

        Indeed friend

  • TheOldMcClane

    Damn. It’s been a bad year for manly movies.

  • Ty

    You guys are idiots. You wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit you in the jaw. Since all you guys care about on this site is Stallone and shit, I’m surprised that you know that there are other movies being made for completely different audiences.

    • The Night Rider

      90 minutes of gassy, shit, pointless dialogue is a ‘good movie’ just because herr derr it’s Quentin Tarantino? Do you know anything about pacing? Do you know anything about movies? Do you know that Stallone fantards threatened to ‘sick the FBI’ on this site because of perceived negative coverage? You, sir, are the idiot for thinking that a large budget, Tim Roth and Quentin Tarantino makes a turd immune to criticism.

    • Barney Ross

      Stop calling people idiots, fucking retard. i like this site and i LOVED Hateful Eight. Not everyone here has the same opinion. FAGGOT. Just because Knightrider says it sucks doesn’t make it a FACT. learn to read between the lines.

  • Dino Bambino

    It was okay. The movie looks good, the actors did extremely well, and some of the dialogue is fantastic.

    HOWEVER, it won’t be judged on the same level as the movies by which it was inspired. Essentially, because its scope is too narrow. The entire movie is something that could be the fourth quarter of a masterpiece, but without any of the other pieces.

    And that’s the problem with Tarantino; his movies are 25% classics. He mish-mashes elements and even entire scenes and scores from other 100% classic films (La Chiamavano, etc.), then stretches them out into as few scenes as possible and all backstories are spoken of instead of shown.

    He could be on Sergio Leone’s level, but his stories lack scope and scale.

    In his favor:

    -kudos to him for using squibs and celluloid.

    -the acting was excellent.
    -he has his own unique atmosphere in every movie.

  • To be honest I didn’t finish the movie. Gimmick is the right word.. good review

  • Robert Bayer

    Great Review Manly Movies … I agree T.H.8. sucks ..and coincidentally .. just where Jackson gets to bragging about a man going down on him .. I stopped watching the movie .. This movie is a stinkin mess of racist, misogynistic, barbaric and anti-America slop that will do nothing but incite more of the same while at the same time warping minds who are into sensational crap … Look .. I liked every film Tarantino did except that vampire movie .. so I am no SQUARE … this is just a horrible movie and I heard part after the intermission was worse that the first …

  • Cal

    Lol, “The Eighth Film By Quentin Tarantino”.

    Except it isn’t. He’s just very selective. What about “Four Rooms” that he just wants us to forget ever existed? And Kill Bill is two movies. Wanna know why? Because we paid twice.

    So it’s the tenth movie by Quentin Tarantino. Isn’t he stopping at 10? He’s hit it.

    And he also guest directed a scene in Sin City… And From Dusk Till Dawn might as well be called a Tarantino flick since he was so heavily involved… And what about the script for True Romance?

    Jesus. “The Eighth Film By Quentin Tarantino” my fucking balls.

    • The Night Rider

      I hated Kill Bill. I think Jackie Brown is the best movie he did.

  • Barney Ross

    What???? I give this 10 out of 10. I agree with most thing on this site but not this one, at all.

  • Barney Ross

    10/10 – Probably my favorite of 2015. A little bit long in the begining, also i HATED that fucking stupid gay blow job scene but other than that, the movie is fucking manly and badass. Kurt was fucking great!!

    Even if Knightrider gives it a low score doesn’t mean it sucks, chill out guys. The movie didn’t suck, Knighrider thinks it sucks that’s it.

    There’s a few guy from this site that i respect, no matter the ratings on their movies (except T5, anyone who like this pg13 trash is a fucking scumbag)

  • I’m not a Tarantino fan at all. Kurt Russell was good in this & I’m really starting to like him in westerns a lot. This movie was meh.

  • Walter S.A. Iego

    Good review. Thanks.

    • The Night Rider

      Tip hat.

  • kaley c

    Just another crappy Jew flick.

  • Abdselam Carvalho

    i watched only 20 minutes online and i get bored

  • Quentin in the awkward position of selling anti-exploitation exploitation films to a global audience. When he looks like “the man” that he repeatedly skewers in his own films, then his only agenda can be “Sell sell sell.” So he’ll say anything. If his next movie is about 2 good cops, he’ll change his tune. As an artist he should lay off the heavy political rhetoric, but we can’t allow it to color our perceptions of his films. It would’ve been a tragedy to let Jamie Fox’s “kill whitie” comment get in the way of our enjoying the exceptional Django Unchained, which like you or someone said wasn’t anti-white as many had expected. But your review here seems to exclude Quentin’s real world rhetoric from its judgment. Sounds like a turd.

  • Big V

    The bj scene killed this film for me. The 70mm works here because it creates a feeling of being confined in a small space. It’s not a gimmick and I loved how the 70mm was used. The story is just awful. I also felt uncomfortable with the physical abuse of Jennifer s character and her continued use of the n word. Awful movie but I did enjoy how the 70mm was used. It’s more for cenephiles.

    • Jack Suicide

      Me too. Stopped watching right there.

  • Donald Joy

    I sincerely hope Tarantino gets killed by his pet criminegroes.

  • JimmyGravul

    T.H.8 Fukin’ Sucked! Like Someone Pointed Out,It’s Basically A Play In A Cabin That Drags On For Nearly 3 Hours….I Also Thought The Revenant Sucked,Legends Fuckin’ Sucked & Star Wars Fuckin’ Sucked! The Only Thing That Should Suck This Hard Is The Lady Boys In Thailand! Or Your Mother,Sister,Auntie Etc.Whatever. Go F uck Yourselves!

  • DominicTorretoAss

    got the reaction. This movie is balls.

  • Vic Shade

    Not much more to add, other than “bullseye.” The acting was phenomenal…every part. Somewhere along the line, QT stopped trusting the audience and started dropping in scenes that would explain everything to us. I was angry with the entire “Earlier That Morning” scene. Didn’t need it, waste of film. His fight for racial equality puts me in a bit of a quandary as well with his last two films and dropping the “n” bomb every half second. I get it…but c’mon. I digress, GREAT review.

  • P00p Me Not

    If you must see this movie but don’t want to support Tarantino and the Hollywood establishment just google “the hateful eight full movie”. I did 🙂

    And I agree with this review although not completely. The directing was passable its the story that wasn’t interesting enough. I think that a more complex story would have made this movie work even with the typical Tarantino sophomoric take (a black guy always in charge, shooting testicles, the blow job scene mentioned in this review)

    I also think Tarantino’s films are judged against each other. If we were to honestly evaluate them against 99% of the garbage that’s out there they’d fare out better. At least we didn’t have to see his ugly face in this film.

  • Jordi

    “it turns out that Samuel L. Jackson’s character boasts of having a man perform oral sex on him to his fellow guests, with a graphic flashback accompanying.” As i understood it is not a flashback, it’s a vision, and it doesn’t turn out, the story is there, you have to choose if you believe it or not.

  • Brain Dump

    I’m waiting for him to scream “Oscar So White, why was I snubbed!?”

  • Helena Handbasket

    Sigh… the first Tarantino film I actually hated.

  • Foul Fagus

    19th century Wyoming*. The 1800s is 19th century.

  • Josh singer

    I love when someone claims to know what intelligent people like in a movie, and then immediately go on to demonstrate a lack of intelligence. You obviously have no idea what Tarintino movies are about. He’s an artist who is known for dialog and homage. ie Joe Gage. And on that point do you know why there is no reference to homophobia in the film (you know, even though it takes place in Wyoming)? Homophobia was just immerging as a concept at the start of the 20th century. A film set in the mid 19th century (not 18th btw) would be right not to demonstrate it.

    Ps Black lives do matter.

  • Paul Robinson

    I am watching but don’t know if I want to continue watching to the end this hateful anti- white absurd movie. First off only a faggot would force another man to suck his dick plain and simple. A southerner of that era or any real man would take a bullet before being forced to do that anyway. Tarantino is a first class degenerate. He should be waiting tables and smoking pot somewhere in NYC living in a run down apartment that is what this filth is worth. I didn’t realize this movie was by him before I rented it or I would have saved myself money and time.

  • Paul Robinson

    Another thing why wouldn’t the guy just bite his cock off, and then finish him off good and proper as he squirms on the ground writhing in pain dying a eunuch.

  • Perception Management

    You give this movie a 5? You are being way too generous, I rented it last night and it is a boring piece of shit. I can’t believe Kurt Russell signed on to this. It is blatantly provocative in the crudest, dumbest ways. Want to see a mountain man repeatedly smash a woman in the face and throw hot soup in it? Want to see a black union soldier brag about making a confederate soldier give him a blow job until he dies to the dead guys dad? want to hear “nigger” and “cracker” repeated like a broken record? Want to spend a few hours waiting for something even vaguely interesting to happen for it to never materialize? If so, then this pile of shit is for you. Everybody who had anything to do with this flop should be embarrassed.

  • gunfighterzero

    this review is dead on, i would also mention the terrible historical inaccuracies..

  • Tom

    Red Rock, moron.

  • JCW

    Some of his movies aren’t that bad, but this one dragged on from the opening to the middle, which is where I had to leave it. IT IS AWFUL. I love westerns, but this isn’t a western, it’s a vicious lie. Save your time, save your money, and save what’s left of your mind by not renting, purchasing, or watching this sub-par (and that’s giving it more credit than it’s due) film.

  • rayzzor

    It’s set in the 19th century.

  • Tony Soprano

    Just watched the movie and honestly it was one of Tarantino’s worse. Glad I watched it on cable and skipped renting it. Definitely a waste of almost 3 hrs.

  • Charles_Miller

    Hateful Eight was just one long, drawn-out, redundant, dull, oppressive, ugly, piss-poor excuse for a movie of ANY genre. Hateful Eight was bad movie-making at its unimaginative, muddled and predictable worst. My real disgust wasn’t even a matter of my wasted money or wasted time; rather, it was the fact that this arrogant and self-righteous basement-fwapping NERD known as Quentin Tarantino thought he was capable of manufacturing a “real” western. Quentin Tarantino has never manufactured a “real” anything that wasn’t derivitive of a dozen other B-grade revenge movies. I mean, when you exit a Tarantino flick thinking more fondly of the original “I Spit On Your Grave,” you know that Tarantino has just spit in your eyes. Again.

  • Jack Suicide

    Just made it half-way through this movie, to the flashback of the bj. Too disgusted to watch any more. I like movies – I’ve watched hundreds. I don’t like this one at all.

  • Ken Diamond

    I just watched this finally, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m just disappointed that you didn’t mention the spontaneous narration that spwaned 1/2 way into the movie to explosively explain away hyper obvious plot clues. It made me think the visual dialogue for the sight impaired had accidentally come on.

  • Critical Greybeard

    I finally caved and watched this abomination yesterday.
    You forgot to mention the cheesy, try-hard, wanna be dramatic chapter mentions between scenes. It’s a freaking movie for flips sake, let the darn thing play!

  • Michael Clouser

    Hateful Eight was definitely standard hollywood anti white garbage. It made me question the integrity of the talented actors that made it.