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The Rock Offers Seven Life Lessons

therockThe Rock has made quite a successful career for himself, jumping from pro football to wrestling to top drawing box office star.  If I’m not mistaken, the guy is also an author.  So maybe we could learn a thing or two from him.

The man spoke with Muscle & Fitness for a new interview and gave his seven life lessons

7. Work hard, always
6. Persistence pays
5. Have a sense of purpose
4. Without control, strength can become weakness
3. See the signs around you
2. When in doubt, go back to basics
1. Failure is a virtue

Of course while these lessons may sound smart, surely Steven Seagal could give even superior lessons, with less points.  One lesson to rule them all.  Anyway, The Rock’s next movie will be Central Intelligence, followed by Moana then Fast & Furious 8.