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Alien Covenant Will Be ‘Pretty Hard R’

alien_01c4c00dIt looks like Ridley Scott aims to up the horror ante with Alien: Covenant, saying he’s targeting a “pretty hard R” rating for the film.

The director shared a few details about the movie backstage at the Golden Globes, teasing that he has something ‘much worse’ than the original Alien’s horrifying chestbuster scene planned for Covenant.

Scott recalled his experience previewing Alien and watching that iconic scene, saying (via it was at that moment he “realized how pretty scary the film was” and subsequently “felt a sense of responsibility that [he] had gone too far because it was extreme.” That said, he’s aiming to “do that again this year” with Alien: Covenant, “but much worse.”

Let’s hope the new shocker scene isn’t too CGI heavy.