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Blood Father Going DTV In France

While Blood Father has no official schedule as of right now, January 14th – theatrical or otherwise – outside France, things are moving quicker in the French sector.  It appears that now the movie will be available on demand this June.  According to the latest issue of the magazine Les Années Laser.  The film was originally earmarked for a theatrical run in France.

There’s still some confusion about Canada, where it is said to have a ‘premiere’ there in March ‘The Canadian distributor has announced its 2016 film line-up with a slate that includes Jean-François Richet’s Blood Father starring Mel Gibson and Elvis & Nixon starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey.’ That’s possibly a limited screening, depending on how you might interpret premiere.  The confusion is drawn from LionsGate having not yet finalized plans for how or when they’re going to release the movie in the United States, the biggest market for this type of thing.

In the movie Gibson’s daughter, played by Erin Moriarty, is accused by her drugs kingpin boyfriend of stealing from him.  He sets out to kill her and make an example, but Moriarty calls her old man for help who is a biker.  Awesome synopsis.