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Kevin Nash To Star In Beat ‘Em Up Movie

kevinnashhouserulesKevin Nash, the dude the size of the side of your house from ‘The Punisher’ (great fight scene!) and former professional wrestler turned actor, will appear in an upcoming manly movie.  The film is titled ‘House Rules’.  Nash will play the role of Santos, who is the ringleader of a fight club.

Here’s an outline;

Only a few years before, Zack “THE KILLIN'” Dillon was on top of the world. Having reached the heights of reigning light-heavyweight MMA champion, becoming a new father and husband to a beautiful and doting wife, the now retired fighter is worse than ever. Having squandered his savings, suffered the loss of family through divorce and perhaps worst of all, his self-respect. Although Sherry still loves Zack, she still believes that she and their son Mikey, are better off without him. Working at her father’s bar, she makes due. It’s a hard, and difficult life, but at least she’s happy. Zack is still around, a frequent patron, but not much more exists between them. One night at the bar, Zack starts a brawl, causing damage to the bar and hospitalizing the other patrons.

Jake, a local detective and a close friend, arrives on the scene and threatens to arrest Zack unless he promises to turn his life around. A witness to the brawl, Deke, a recruiter for the Blood Circus, (a mysterious and brutal fight club), approaches Zack with an offer; to join the club in which Zack could win “mad-money” with his talents. Deke explains that the combatants fight MMA-style, in an undisclosed location. Everything about Deke’s proposition feels wrong, but Zack knows it’s an offer he can’t refuse. After agreeing to fight, Zack realizes that in this winner-take-all tournament, there is one rule, kill or be killed. Zack is then blackmailed by Santo, (the ringleader of the Blood Circus), who threatens to disclose footage of Zack’s “murders” to the world, unless he continues to fight. Upping the ante, Santo then kidnaps and threatens to kill Mikey. With Mikey’s life at stake, and time running out, will Zack be able to rescue his son and save himself? Or will the Blood Circus simply claim more victims and move on to the next town?

Filming begins next week.  Meanwhile on Twitter… Kev, was it something we said?!