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Sony Adapting Afghanistan War Movie

redplatoonmovieSony Pictures is apparently circling Clinton Romesha’s memoir ‘Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor’ with Josh Bratman to produce through his Immersive Pictures banner. The original memoir follows the Battle for Outpost Keating in October 2009, one of the bloodiest battles for U.S. forces during the War in Afghanistan.

More than 300 Taliban fighters launched a raid in the early hours on a remote American outpost near the Afghan-Pakistani border eventually breaching its perimeter defenses.

A U.S. staff sergeant planned and led a small band of soldiers in a counterattack against seemingly insurmountable odds – saving dozens of American lives.  I wonder if we’ll see more movies about Afghanistan now that the war has kind of ‘waned’, much like it took a while for a steam of Vietnam movies to appear.

Is there a consensus on the best Afghan war movie so far?  Lone Survivor maybe?