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An Update On The ‘Dunkirk’ Movie


Here’s an update on the upcoming ‘Dunkirk’ movie.  Interstellar (crap movie!) cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema will reunite with Christopher Nolan for the project.  Although nothing else is new on this at the minute.

It has also been confirmed that we have our first cast members here. Joining Nolan’s upcoming World War 2 thriller will be Kenneth Brannagh and Tom Hardy, says TheHollywoodReporter.  The film will also be shot for IMAX format and begin production during May.  Makes sense, the evacuation would require certain weather, unless they were going to screw us with fake skies, fake everything.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a great WW2 epic.  But I would have to say that I am not confident with a Dunkirk movie being placed in the hands of Christopher Nolan.  I mean in when Spielberg filmed the beach scenes from the MG-42 position in 1998, he vibrated a heavy drill against the camera to create a subtle effect.

But here, should we expect…