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Cameron Against Home Streaming Service


Some big directors out there, including Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, have backed a new idea where viewers could stream new movies in their homes on the same day that they’re released in theatres.

But James Cameron and producer Jon Landau have come out against the idea.  “We know that this proposal is at the early stage and we have an obligation to speak out publicly against it,” Landau said.  “Both Jim and I remain committed to the sanctity of the in-theater experience.” He also said that, from a creative and financial standpoint, is essential for movies to be offered exclusively in theatres first, as  the in-theater experience is the “wellspring” that drives the industry.

“We don’t understand why the industry would want to provide audiences an incentive to skip the best form to experience the art that we work so hard to create.

Well hey, there’d be one good thing about it.  Vinnie Jones and Dolph Lundgren could then count Leonardo DiCaprio among their esteemed VOD peers, should this kill off theatres.