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New Casting For ‘Dunkirk’


I don’t completely write off Christopher Nolan.  His movies are fiercely overrated, however I think Insomnia is not one of them and deserving of credit.  I haven’t seen Memento yet, but I’ve heard good things about that.

And so now that he’s making a WW2 movie we proceed with caution.  Will it be good, or will Nolan manage to screw it up?

Either way some casting news here.  The lead will be Fionn Whitehead, a mostly unknown actor.  No problems there, however for reasons that cannot be understood, ‘Harry Styles’ has also been cast, perhaps the very embodiment of ‘girlie man’ thus total antithesis to who should be appearing in a manly movie.  Seriously, Google this pansy.  I’m not going to put money on this pissant being strafed on the beach.

… but we can hope.