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Spoilers: Furious 8 Opening Description


No surprises that we’re getting another ‘Furious’ film, they are movies that pull big numbers at the box office, although I still think the first is the best.  Actually, concerning the 8th movie in the series, Vin Diesel has said he wants to return the series to its racing roots.

At any rate, the new movie has entered production, with a ton of those actors returning including The Rock and Jason Statham.  F. Gary Gray will direct and with the cameras rolling in Ohio, has a nice exclusive about the intro.


We’re in Cuba. In the scene, Dom’s (Vin Diesel) younger cousin Fernando, a likeable chap in his 20s, is about to have his ride towed away by some thugs (led by a petrol-head named Raldo) — until his cuz and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) step in. Apparently Fernando had made a deal with these guys to repair his car, but the former couldn’t pay the bill in time… so they’re taking the car as payment. Dom makes the shark an offer : They race, and if Dom loses, Raldo and his guys get to take Dom’s car (not his cousins) and if Dom wins, he gets Raldo’s ride. Raldo is all for it – so long as Dom drives the cousins’ beat up old Skyline not his own dependable ride. How can Dom beat Raldo, when the latter has the “fastest car on the island”? Simple : it’s not about the car, but who’s behind the wheel, we’re informed. Dom rips everything out of the car – including the radiator – and straps a propane tank (from a Barbecue) to it. Can you guess the rest?

Hmm, I’m kind of interested that this is very simple stuff, hopefully no super heroics…