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Black: RDJ Wants Gibson To Direct Iron Man 4


Shane Black really is the man of the hour, of late all he does is bring good news, good words and good movies.  Now he’s bringing back and old rumour.  The Iron Man 3 director speaks to UpRoxx this week in 2016;

Would you do another Iron Man? Downey seems to have changed his position and is open to another.

I think he wants Mel Gibson to direct it.

Really? Downey has been supportive of Gibson.

And for good reason. Mel was great to him. Mel’s been really nice to a lot of people, including me. I’ll go on record saying I don’t believe anyone should be held accountable in any way for something they say while they are drunk. It’s not who they are.

He had said no to another Iron Man for a long time, but that’s changed.

He’s mellowed on that.

So, add Shane Black to the Mel Gibson defender database.  As for Gibson directing an ‘Iron Man’ movie?  The only thing to say is… well alright!