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EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Stacy Talks Mena, Blade Of Honor

BRANDON1Everywhere man Brandon Stacy has several new gigs to watch out for – the new Tom Cruise actioner Mena, the science-fiction actioner Blade of Honor and, most notably, Roots, the History Channel’s redo of the classic mini-series.  Check out our interview with him below.

Congratulations on your success – you’re everywhere at the moment.

Thank you so much! I’m happy to keep this train moving.

How did the Roots role come to you?

I initially went in for a role on Roots and during the callback process the director, Bruce Beresford, decided he wanted me in the role in which I played.

What makes the Clingman tick?

My Character CLINGMAN’s environment really shaped who he is. He is a product of a specific time in the American South in the mid to late 1800’s. Everything from tradition to the emending Civil War adds to his strong principals and convictions. Clingman serves, as counsel to a key character, while he, himself, is disillusioned about humanity and what is right and wrong. Very Dangerous.

Is he based on a real character?

He isn’t one single man in history, though he does represent a specific mindset of a particular time and place.

Did the role require you to do any research?

I’ve always enjoyed educating myself about this particular time in history. It’s fascinating really and I think there much we can learn from it. That being said, every role requires doing a little research- of the time, the location, traits and traditions that may reflect the character.


What do you do to keep fit?

Generally I keep my body in state that is flexible. A state in which I can quickly put on weight or take off weight if a role requires. Working out and eating right is a big part of my life and the business as a whole, particularly if you aim to take on physical roles. I would never want my own body to hold me back from doing roles I really want to do.

Ever had a film or series that’s required you to undertake strenuous physical training?

I am very open to intense physical transformation for a role. I have had the freedom to shape the character’s appearance in the way that I saw it. I might not have been “required” to drop significant weight or add muscle fast but I certainly have done that. In the case of ROOTS, I dropped 25 pounds from the time I first auditioned, to the last day of shooting. I had dropped 25 pounds soley for that project. It was a choice I made early on for a character in which I intended to play but carried over to CLINGMAN. I thought it worked so I stuck with it.

I also train with guns, on horses, and study fighting techniques. Boom!

Do you think we might see you in an action role one day?

Absolutely. Why wouldn’t you?!

What kind of part do you play in the Tom Cruise film you’re doing (Mena)?

I was cast as a DEA Agent chasing Cruise’s character, Barry Seal, the Notorious drug runner in the 80’s. Doug Liman directed this so with those two teaming up again, Mena should be a pretty cool movie.