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It’s A Weak Opening For Nice Guys


What we need is more movies like Nice Guys (review here).  But what we also need is for more people to show up to the movie.  The Shane Black movie has had a weak opening weekend.  As Scott Mendlson of Forbes notes, $11 isn’t too good;

The Nice Guys will have to crawl uphill to justify a sequel. The terrific Shane Black comedy thriller earned $11.2 million this weekend. The Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling vehicle had a ton of media attention, and Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. sold the hell out of it over the last month. But audiences just didn’t show up. It’s a conundrum because we want major studios to put out movies like this, especially in the summer amid the tentpoles. But when they do put out and promote a film like this and nobody goes, it’s tough to complain that Hollywood is the problem.

Dwarfed by an adaptation of an iPhone game.  It does kind of sap moral, but there’s still time.  Movies like this have opened poorly before, only to show they have legs further in.