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Jodi Foster Defends Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson committed the gravest of grave crimes in show business.  What is it, ten fucking years now?  Or maybe 12, if we count The Passion of the Christ, because let’s face it, that’s where it really started.  By the way, he told Jim Caviezel at the time that if he accepted the role, Caviezel would never work in Hollywood again.  But what are you gonna do, turn down playing the big J. while Gibson directs you?!

Well Jodi Foster is one person still out there batting for Gibson it seems.

Looking back now, Foster reflects on the public stand she took for her longtime friend. “I’ve known him for 20-something years, and he’s someone that I really love and I really care about,” she told The Daily Beast on a recent afternoon in Beverly Hills. “I obviously can’t condone his behavior—his private behavior. What do I know about his private behavior? But I do know the man I know, who is an extraordinary artist. I know the experiences I’ve had with him and that’s really the only thing I can attest to.”

“I think if someone you love is struggling, you don’t disown them and run in the opposite direction,” she added. “I think you try to be compassionate, and try to understand their struggle. Try to help them.”

Looking forward to Hacksaw Ridge and Blood Father!