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New Scott Adkins Film Announced: Savage Dog

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A new project starring Scott Adkins and his Undisputed 3 co-star Mark Zaror has been announced.

No real details regarding the story as yet, but the poster for Savage Dog, by Jesse V. Johnson has been posted on Adkins’ facebook page.

Jesse V. Johnson has made a few manly movies so far, such as The Package, with Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin, and The Butcher, with Eric Roberts and Robert Davi. I haven’t seen either of those, so I can’t speak for their quality, but at least this film has a promising title and decent enough, kind of old-school looking poster.

The film also stars Ju Ju Chan, who appeared in the recent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel.

As you can see from the poster, filming begins June 2016, so lets hope this one turns out good.

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  • Goro

    What about Undisputed 4? When is it coming out?

    • Jacob Phillips

      Exact release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, just that it’s 2016.

  • Mucho Macho

    Mark Zaror is from Chile, he has done some good old fashion kick ass movies there.. he is a kick as talent. He was in “Machete Kills” as well.

  • Mucho Macho

    Here are a couple of Mark Zaror
    Fight scenes:

  • Mucho Macho

    We need the trailer for “Hard Target 2”