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The Predator Filming By October


Why use a picture of Gary Busey?  Well, he’s a big part of one of the only two Predator movies worth talking about.  Good news comes about ‘The Predator’.  It may take off sooner than we expected and even shoot this year.  Here is what JapanToday says;

LOS ANGELES — Filming on the hotly-anticipated “Predator” reboot is set to begin by October, Director Shane Black revealed Friday, describing the latest in the action horror franchise as an “event” movie.

Although they call it a ‘reboot’ in the article, it isn’t.  Shane Black came out to correct people on that last year, calling it a straight sequel.  Although the question remains, a sequel to Predator 1 or Predator 2?  Because Robert Rodriguez also called ‘Predators’ a sequel, although he shat on Predator 2.  Look man, just give it a small nod.  That’s all we need, and Predator 2 had a great concept for a sequel.  Naturally, the FBI would want to capture one.

I hope it’s big but doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.  ‘The Predator’ sounds nice and grounded.