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Trailer: MacGyver (2016)

Check out the trailer for TV reboot MacGyver.  Lucas Till will play MacGyver, a role that made Richard Dean Anderson famous. Starring alongside him are Addison Timlin, Michelle Krusiec, and George Eads.

The action of the movie takes place in our present, where a young MacGyver gets into some kind of secret organization where his many talents will be put to good use. “A secret agent unlike any other, MacGyver escapes perilous situations with nothing but a paper clip, his trusty knife, and his wit,” CBS says, telling you everything you need to know about the character.

The movie will air Fridays at 8:00PM starting this fall.  Old theme replaced with rap music?  No wonder it’s being crucified with dislikes!  You can just picture some out of touch exec in his 60’s saying, okay guys, make it contemporary, add some Inception music, them some rap music…