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Wesley Snipes Still Wants Blade IV


Wesley Snipes hasn’t had the best of comebacks following his release from a North American gulag.  In theory The Expendables 3 should have been a big boost, but the movie bombed and one of the best scenes was axed from the movie, where Snipes obliterated a troop of special forces soldiers in hand to hand combat.

Maybe then, what he needs is another ‘Blade’.

Snipes took to Twitter to once again make it clear that he’s game and “sharpening my teeth“. However, as was the case then and is still the case now, the ball is, “…in Marvel’s court“. So, there’s not much to report aside from the fact that Snipes is still game to return and he’s simply waiting to see if Marvel has any plans for his return.

The Blade TV series didn’t do much to the world, but you’d think that with Marvel whoring out every property it has, they’d give this one another shot too.