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$5 Million Plane To Be Destroyed In ‘Dunkirk’


Christopher Nolan has been busying himself with his WW2 epic ‘Dunkirk’ for the past month.  Everything looks good so far, with a lot of it said to be practical.  But how practical?  They’ll be destroying very expensive stuff apparently.  A $5 million dollar plane, according to IndieRevolver;

A source tells me that Warner Brothers recently signed a five million dollar check to purchase a vintage WW2 aircraft, (possibly a German Luftwafee) which will be outfitted with IMAX cameras to be used in what are sure to be some impressive sequences in the film. And when they’re done, they are going to crash it.

Of course there’s a typo in there since ‘A Luftwafee’ is not a plane, but the Luftwaffe was the German air force in WW2.  I can’t think which model of plane this might be, probably a regular Messerschmitt I’m guessing.

My take: They’ll have a pro land her in the ocean, rush out when the cameras cut, retrieve it, then have it good as new again by 2017.  Or something to that effect.